2007 · Catalonia

“Unió Esportiva Santboiana” Swimming Pools

The aim of this project is the construction of some outdoor swimming pools and the treatment of the surroundings as a solarium. It’s understood as the conclusion of a non-finished part of this great sports center, a sports icon of the village and headquarters of his well-known rugby team.
The outdoor pools are arranged in front of the indoor pools, establishing an easy and direct relationship. The project is considered, therefore, discreet and continuous, but with the ambition of increasing the scale of the whole set. The beach surrounding the indoor pools runs out, exceeds the long glass of the facade and continues placing both outdoor pools. The dialogue between the four vessels (2 indoor and 2 outdoor) is a transparency and reflection game, changing according to the light, and it always allows perceiving the whole installation. The large jutting out of the building frames the outdoor pools and becomes a mirror.
The project has playful vocation, opposed to the sports vocation of the indoor pools. The epidermis of the project thinks the new glasses in continuity with the pavement of the beach, as a geotechnical fissure, that goes from the opposite stairs of the adult and child pools till it sinks little by little under the water. The sand colored ceramics, the multiplicity of depths and the reflections of the sky and the attached building generates thousands of blues on the water surface. The remaining band is the solarium, ended with lawn and wood, which wraps the beach and seeks the sun path.


“Baldiri Aleu” Sports Complex


Sant Boi Sports Consortium


1162 m2

Project date


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