2000 · Catalunya

Ticket office and information point in Poble Espanyol

The new ticket offices are grouped in a single volume that includes an Information point, providing better access, better circulations and dignifying their own environment.
The small building is designed as a volume with metallic structure with façades formed by a combination of glass panels and weathering steel closures.
There is a game between transparency and opacity, in a deliberate changing relationship, between mobile elements. Two sliding doors of weathering steel are closing the two glass parts, leaving the two facades completely closed.
The lockers façade and the opposite one have some grilled elements that generate a changing relationship with the environment, so that, the transparency is never lost.
The building is divided in two parts. There is one for the lockers and other for the Information point. The access to the Information point is in the front oriented to the wall of the enclosure, with crossed visions to the avenue.
There is on vertical division of glass used as furniture that divides interiorly the lockers areas. An interior door communicates both parts.
The ticket office is used as a point of claim of what the visitor is going to discover at the interior of Poble Espanyol in Montjuïc.

COAUTHORS: J. Carreté, M. Barba and E. Montané.


Avinguda Marquès de Comillas, Barcelona.


Poble Espanyol de Montjuïc, S.A..


22 m2

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