2015 · Catalonia

Refurnishing and Interior Restoration, of the Museography of Sant Salvador’s Pavilion, in the Santa Creu and Sant Pau Hospital.

The museographic intervention in the Pavilion of San Salvador provides full transformation into an efficient equipment, providing it with the necessary facilities for proper operation both organizationally and technologically.

Apart from the two large areas dedicated to the museological presentation of the history of medicine in Barcelona and the pioneering contribution of the Hospital de Sant Pau (ground floor) and the figure and work of Lluis Domenech i Montaner (first floor), the intervention also fits other complementary spaces.

Acting on a listed building, has a number of restrictions that often have to deal to solve the shortcomings that inevitably presents, due to variations of previous use, the passage of time and the inadequacy of environmental parameters and comfort current.

We must incorporate ecological systems of production and consumption, sustainable products and renewable sources and / or recycled.

– 1997, UNESCO World Heritage.
– 1978, Protection level A: Nationa cultural interest.


Carrer Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 167, Barcelona.


Santa Creu and Sant Pau Hospital’s Private Foundation.


1.771 m2

Project date


Work period