2013 · Catalunya

Services ring and security centre on the Sagrada Familia Temple

During the construction process of the Sagrada Familia Temple, new architectural needs have arose. Thus, the basilica has adapted to the new service parameters, as well as the security controls in such a big building.
The services ring is conceived as a perimeter and transverse round throughout the Temple in order to nourish all the spaces with traditional services such as water and electricity, but also new services such as telecommunications, heat or natural lighting by fibre optic.
Besides, the construction of a Security Centre comes from the need to place the control services in a spacious and central area, due to the constant increase of tourists at the same time as the construction works take place. The centre will be placed on the second-floor basement, connected to the museum, the temple, the choir and the attic of the central nave.


Carrer de Mallorca, 401. Barcelona, districte: Eixample


Junta del Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família.


613,73 ml (anella) / 464,18 m² (CSO).

Project date


Work period

2016-En obra