2000 · Catalonia

Lap control panel of the Catalunya Circuit in Montmeló

Construction of approximately 36 m of height composed by three rectangular prisms joined between them by a vertical cylinder of steel of 105 cm of diameter which is, in addition, the structure of this construction.
The top prism is 7x7x2m and it has the logo of “La Caixa” in both faces of 7x7m. The central prism is 7×3,6x2m and it has the clock and the lap control panel in both faces of 7×3,6m. The low prism is 4x18x2m and it has, in the bigger faces (4x18m), the numbers of the vehicles which are in the first ten positions of the career and, in the smaller faces (18x2m), the logo of the Circuit of Catalunya.
The main features of the organization and form of the building are a consequence of the program requirements and a number of basic ideas that guided the designing process:
– Slenderness.
– Clarity in the reading of the information.
– Protections to guarantee the safety of the drivers.


Circuit of Catalonia, Montmeló, Barcelona.


Circuit of Catalonia Consortium


190 m2

Project date


Work period