2016 · Catalonia

House in Moià.

Due to the appearance of cracks and other structural problems throughout the building and according to the analysis done the architects during visits realized on February 2016, it is concluded that vertical load-bearing elements of the housing formed by walls solid work load of different thicknesses, do not meet the tough requirements to withstand the current loads.

Therefore, it is decreed intervene consolidating these load-bearing walls through solid wall screeds factory making common cause the two layers through metal anchors. It is also determined to be replaced or added metal beams in existing slabs to absorb existing eccentricities between the walls of load current, especially within the walls of the ground floor and first floor.

The urgency of these actions is high because due to the passage of time and normal weather conditions, the deterioration of the materials that make both load-bearing walls and wooden beams and boards has accelerated and is threatened global stability of the building.


Carrer del Palau 1, Moià.




409 m2

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