2005 · Catalonia

Facades of “Lluís Companys” Olympic Stadium

The aim of this project is the reparation of the facade covering, the rehabilitation or replacement of the damaged woodwork, and structural reinforcement of the west front tower of the “Lluis Companys” Olympic Stadium in Montjuïc.
The 1992 operation partially strengthened the existing tower by a reinforced concrete inside lining. This project proposes to extend the liner to the entire height of the tower to ensure its stability. The connection between the new and the existing liner is made by anchoring the first lining vertical framework in the second one. The reinforcement of the existing roofing is made by a 15cm HA-30 concrete slab, reinforced with stainless steel. The project restores natural and artificial stone veneer in all the facades of the stadium. The areas with natural stone (the base), are covered again with 110mm natural stone. The remaining surfaces are covered by artificial stone, 110 mm thick in the padded area and 60 mm thick in the other surfaces.
The main features of the operation are a consequence of the program requirements and a number of basic ideas that guided the designing process:
– Sectorization, protection and classification. To simplify the construction works, a project of protections and a segmentation of the building were made, dividing the independent locks of all facades in twenty-seven sectors and cataloging unique architectural elements to ensure the maintenance of the geometry.
– The general operations on the facades (sectors F-1 to F-25) and at the reconstructed facade (sector F-27), consisting on the removal of the existing stone veneer, removal and rehabilitation of the woodwork, regularization of resulting concrete surface, new veneer placement and sealing the joints.
– Operations in the west front tower (sector F-26), consisting on the roof reinforcement and the replacement of the old staircase by a metallic one.
– The replacement of drains and street furniture.


Montjuïc Hill, Barcelona


Barcelona Promoció S.A.


120.000 m2

Project date


Work period