2010 · Comunitat Valenciana

Distribution of the common areas of the airport of Alicante

The project has to resolve one of the sitting spaces of the Airport of Alicante. The area to place this project is surrounded by commercial premises like restaurants in 3 sides and at the other side there is the waiting room of boarding. It has a total surface of 1.017 m2, organized in two areas, divided by a corridor (4 meters of width). The proposal starts with three organizational principles:
– The access to the commercial premises should be easy and wide.
– The area should be divided in three different ambiences: fast food, quite meal, relaxed rest-room.
– The user should feel comfortable, outside the dynamic corridor. Visually connected, but not immersed in the waiting zone.
When we was choosing materials , we were taken into account that the intervention will be subjected to heavy use, it must have quick and easy maintenance, and repair, if necessary, must also be quick.




CUBINYÀ 2006, S.L.


1.017 m2

Project date