1998 · Asturias

“Carlos Tartiere” Soccer Stadium

It is a work that tries to give the maximum expressiveness, arrangement and relation between its different elements, adopting the concrete as the unique structural material. The structure and functionality characterize this work. The structure without any superfluous element becomes the image of the building.
The stadium is formed by four rectangular towers, placed in four corners of the large rectangle of 177,4 x 164,6 m. In these towers, there are placed the vertical communications and the facilities for the public.
The structure that supports the stands and defining the stadium from tower to tower is a line of rib-walls of reinforced concrete arranged perpendicularly to the four sides of the stadium.
The floor structure is unidirectional with reinforced concrete and the stands are made with prefabricated concrete. The roof of the stadium is metallic and it is formed by beams of laminated steel and finished with a metallic sheet.
The main features of the organization and form of the building are a consequence of the program requirements and a number of basic ideas that guided the designing process:
– Resolution of the accesses to the stands with the maximum efficiency.
– Exterior surrounding of the whole stadium allowing the access to the stadium from any interior point.
– Possibility of playing two football matches consecutives.
– On sight, anti-vandalism and automatics facilities controlled from the control center.
– Handicapped access to the large majority of the areas of the stadium.
– Independent and covered accesses for athletes, organizers, VIP and press.
– Easy and quick evacuation of all the spectators.
– Guarantee a good and open vision for all the public, by the construction of the stands curve parallel to the curve of visibility.
– Forecast of a safety zone in each towers, near the accesses to the North and South top stands.

CO-AUTHORS: Emilio Llano

– First Prize in the competition issued by the city of Oviedo for drafting the project and managing the construction of the “Carlos Tartiere” soccer stadium in Oviedo (1997).
– National Architecture Award for Sports Architecture by the Spanish Ministry for their overall career.

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West Park, Oviedo


Oviedo City Council


90.000 m2

Project date


Work period