2009 · Catalonia

“Can Caralleu” State Nursery

The main features of the overall organization come from the program requirements and a number of basic ideas that guided the designing process till the beginning:
Reduction of the existing soil area from Tàber School to use it as nursery playgrounds. To optimize the playgrounds area, paved areas are created for children’s games.
The height differences are used to place the new nursery. This will establish a balance between the outdoor areas of the primary school and the playgrounds and skylights of the nursery.
The facade is conceived as a prolongation of the school fence, giving a single image of the building.
The organization will be the following:
The porch will guide us to the nursery entrance, by walking through the playgrounds.
The two playgrounds will organize the program: one of them will be on the classrooms and the other one on the private areas and other facilities.
The polyvalent area will be placed in the middle of the nursery, becoming the heart of the building.

COAUTHOR: Josep Carreté.


Carrer Esports, 9. Sarrià-Sant Gervasi District, Barcelona.


Barcelona Education Consortium / Barcelona City Council.


4.304 m2

Project date


Work period