2021 · Catalonia

Reparation of the pathologies of the pinnacle of the Jesus and Mary School

Reparation of the Pinnacle of the Jesus and Mary School.

The reason of this reparation have been the injuries observed in the set of elements of the pinnacle as a consequence of the existing corrosion on the metallic profiles that form its structure.

The objective of the project is to eliminate the cause of these pathologies, substituting the existing carbon steel structure for a new structure, with the same typology and dimensions, but made out of stainless steel profiles.

Once the new structure has been finished, the finishings of the pinnacle have been reconstructed again, maintaining its original image and ornaments.

The restauration works have been carried out in three different phases:

–           Assembly of the auxiliary means that have to surround the pinnacle, disassembly of all of the prefabricated concrete pieces of the edges –conserving and protecting them as much as possible- and, finally, demolishing the construction that surrounded the set.

–           Restoration of the prefabricated concrete pieces of the edges in order to recover their complete volume. Elaboration of the molds of the prefabricated concrete pieces of the edges to fabricate new ones that will substitute the ones which have not been able to be restored. Construction of the new structure of stainless steel, all built in the workshop

–           Elevation and placement of the new structure of the pinnacle, screwed to a new base and fixes to the structure of the building. Afterwards, all the prefabricated pieces of concrete have been placed on the edges, both the recovered and the restored, as well as the new ones, and the marble pieces put in place.


Sant Gervasi Way 15, Barcelona


esus and Mary School


160 m2

Project date

4th of October, 2021.

Work period