2019 · Catalunya

Refurbishment and adequacy of the premises for the social intervention services in the public space in Casp Street in Barcelona

Barcelona Town Hall promotes the creation of an equipment that groups all the services of social intervention in the public space.

The proposal is based on the creation of a fringe of patios which separate the public spaces from the private uses of the workers of the centre, and the creation of a big axis of communications which crosses the whole floor plan. These two new elements provide light, environmental comfort, functionality and order to a space with very low environmental quality.

The incorporation of durable, sustainable and recyclable materials, and highly efficient building services, as well as the implementation of an integrated management system, and transmitting to the final users its way of working, will convert the premises into an eco-efficient space.


Carrer Casp 126, Barcelona


Ajuntament de Barcelona


990 m2

Project date


Work period

2019-Febrer 2021