Expert reports

• Technical support for previous inspections of the nearby buildings of Barcelona Metro Line 9 works. 3rd section, Subsection: Zona Universitària – Manuel Girona. Client: GESTIÓ D’INFRAESTRUCTURES S.A. Barcelona. Spain 2010

• Report of the observed pathologies on the building “Xalet La Molina” of the Mountain Center of Catalonia in Alp, Girona. Alp-Girona, Spain 2007
• Report of the observed pathologies on the foundations of the wind turbines ECOTECNIA-74,
Spain 2006
• Report of the collapse of a building at St. Francis d’Assis Street, no. 19 and at Tarragona Street, no. 24 in Igualada. 
Igualada-Barcelona, Spain 1999
• Report of the demolition of three 17-floors towers.
Sabadell-Barcelona, Spain 1996
• Report of the cracking and seating of the building of the Civil Council of Burgos.
Burgos, Spain 1996
• Report of the collapse of a building of the Bahía Hotel in Santander.
Santander, Spain 1992
• Report of the compliance statement regarding Rome 2000 (3.000 housing). 
Barcelona, Spain 1991
• Report of Aluminosis on public housing in Catalunya.
Catalunya, Spain 1991
• Report of the landslide and cracking of a housing block in “Putxet” Neighborhood in Barcelona.
Barcelona, Spain 1990
• Report of a broken pillar in the “Baells” Viaduct.
Berga-Barcelona, Spain 1989