House in Cabrils

Design and calculation of the structure of a single-family isolated house in Cabrils.

SITE: Urbanització La Llobera, Cabrils
CLIENT: Private
AREA: 583 m2
CONSTRUCTION PERIOD: 2010 – (under construction).
AUTHOR: Clara Solà Morales, Architect.

The object of the project is a building that has a shape of Greek cross rotated 45 degrees to the natural slope of the plot; you can insert it in a rectangle of 16.7 x15, 5 m., and it consists of a ground floor, mezzanine and a flat roof. The roof is green and accessible. There is also included the construction of a triangular-shaped pool, an engine room, and a set of retaining walls to create different terraces in the plot.
The structure is in pillars and concrete walls that start at the foundations. Metal pillars also appear between the ground floor and the roof, but these do not reach the foundation. The ceilings are solid slabs of reinforced concrete and a suspended light pavement. The stairs are made of reinforced concrete and the flat roof also consists of a solid slab. The pool and the engine room are solved through solid slabs and concrete walls.
The foundation combines footings resting directly on the resistant stratum and footings resting on foundations pits to reach to the resistant stratum which is below the level of the struts.